Best horror movies of 2024 to stream on Netflix, Max, Hulu, Shudder and more (2024)

Best horror movies of 2024 to stream on Netflix, Max, Hulu, Shudder and more (1)

Yes, it just so happens that our best horror movies of 2023 to stream list has turned up during the unofficial ‘spooky season’, but seeking a scare isn’t just for Halloween. This horror-filled list is a year-long affair spanning many-a-streaming platform and terrifying many-a-watcher.

It’s been a year of abundance in the horror genre, with entries on our list spanning indies, iconic franchises, and streaming exclusives to provide the thrills from the comfort of your home. Although… there’s definitely nothing comfortable about these flicks.

The best streaming services have made it possible for horror to be right at our fingertips whenever we want it and has even become the sole home to some of our picks. We’ve slithered through the thrillers on offer in 2023 to determine the best ones to watch across the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Max, Disney Plus and more. To be on this list, movies must have arrived on streaming services for the first time during 2023 – so there may be movies released theatrically in 2022, and you don't find movies that have only been at theaters so far.

M3GAN (2023)

Runtime: 102 mins
Gerard Johnstone
Age rating:
Where to watch:
Amazon Prime (US), Sky/NOW TV (UK), Netflix/BiNGE (Aus)

There’s a lot of terrifying possibilities to explore if you explore the question, what can go wrong with artificial intelligence? Turns out M3GAN is happy to oblige with a demonstration for us. A lifelike robot doll created by Allison Williams (Get Out) that was programmed to be a unique and lovely friend for a little girl turns out to be not so lovely at all. Not one bit. Believe us when we say it’s not as easy as taking the batteries out of M3GAN when you don’t want to play with her anymore. This movie is at the milder end of the scariness spectrum, but it's also a great satire of technology – it opens with a very Paul Verhoeven-like fake advert, and we loved it from that moment.

Totally Killer (2023)

Runtime: 106 mins
Nahnatchka Khan
Age rating:
Where to watch:
Amazon Prime (Global)

From production company Blumhouse – known famously for Paranormal Activity, Insidious, Get Out, and more terrifying titles – Totally Killer is a time-traveling teen slasher flick hit. Jamie Hughes (Kiernan Shipka) is thrown back in time to 1987 to stop a serial killer before they can start their murderous spree. The mash-up of fear and fun has many horror fans excited for something a bit different with an impressive 87% critical score on Rotten Tomatoes. If you’re into ’80s slashers, Totally Killer will have you totally thrill-ered…

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No One Will Save You (2023)

Runtime: 93 mins
Brian Duffield
Age rating:
Where to watch:
Hulu (US), Disney Plus (UK/Aus)

In another twisty genre mix, Hulu’s No One Will Save You is horror hanging from a sci-fi hook. Brynn (Kaitlyn Dever) lives an exiled life in her hometown before an alien invasion sees her life infiltrated by their haunting presence. Overwhelming, heart-palpitating quiet tension is truly front and center with only one line of dialogue uttered throughout the whole movie. This almost absolute silence has, in turn, left viewers teeming with the same levels of anxiety as Brynn as she takes on a full blown extraterrestrial takeover. It's especially great if you have a good sound system.

The Nun II (2023)

Runtime: 110 mins
Michael Chaves
Age rating:
Where to watch:
Max (US), rent or buy in UK/Aus

Sequel to 2018’s, you guessed it, The Nun, and another addition to The Conjuring franchise, The Nun II is one of the newest additions to our list, landing exclusively on Max in the US just in time for Halloween 2023. Sister Irene returns for more demonic nun horror by once again coming up against Valak, this time in France. It’s a familiar formula for the iconic franchise that’ll have you jumping out of your seat even when you really do sense it coming.

Talk to Me (2023)

Runtime: 95 mins
Director: Danny Philippou, Michael Philippou
Age rating: R
Where to watch: Netflix (UK), rent or buy (US/Aus)

This Australian movie is one of the best horror explorations of viral teen "dare" sensations, peer pressure and casual drug use, all at once. Someone gets hold of a hand that enables you to speak to the dead when you hold it, providing a thrilling rush unlike anything on Earth. It becomes a hang-out activity that people record each other doing, but not everyone can handle it as well as others, some younger teens naturally want to prove they're as cool as the older ones, and if you do it wrong… well, then things take a turn into some excellent(ly disgusting) body horror.

Huesera: The Bone Woman (2022)

Runtime: 97 mins
Michelle Garza Cervera
Age rating:
Where to watch:
AMC Plus/Shudder (US), Shudder (UK), AMC Plus/Shudder (Aus)

A 97% critical score on Rotten Tomatoes is one helluva status for this horror indie from Mexican filmmaker Michelle Garza Cervera. When pregnant Valeria finds herself cursed by an evil spirit, she must descend even deeper into dark magic to rid herself of the hex before it’s too late. A Shudder exclusive, the horror-themed streaming service is full of niche chillers, and Huesera is in a perfect setting to tell viewers a terrifying tale. You’ll have experienced bone-breaking before in horror films, and you’re sure as heck about to see it again.

Evil Dead Rise (2023)

Runtime: 96 mins
Lee Cronin
Age rating:
Where to watch:
Max (US), Netflix (UK)

Breathing new life (appropriately) into Sam Raimi’s iconic Evil Dead franchise, horror filmmaker Lee Cronin is at the helm to tell a twisted tale of the Deadites doused in his own unique vision. Two estranged sisters, Beth and Ellie, are thrust together to battle the undead after uncovering the Book of the Dead following an earthquake. It’s a true survival nightmare as the once home-y apartment in Los Angeles becomes a gorey hellhole where your most trusted people are now horrors that taunt you.

Sick (2022)

Runtime: 83 mins
John Hyams
Age rating:
Where to watch:
Peaco*ck (US), Sky/NOW Cinema (UK)

This Peaco*ck Original is pandemic-based horror, because it felt like it was only a matter of time before they made those lockdown days even worse. Quarantining at her family’s lakehouse, Parker (Gideon Adlon) and her best friend Miri think they’re alone in an idyllic location to wile away the days. That is, until they realize they’re definitely not alone. Quarantining felt incredibly long, but we’re sure it feels even longer when you’re just trying to survive just one night alone in the darkness with a knife-wielding killer stalking you.

The Boogeyman (2023)

Runtime: 98 mins
Rob Savage
Age rating:
Where to watch:
Hulu (US), Disney Plus (UK/Aus)

Based on Stephen King’s 1973 short story of the same name, The Boogeyman is brought to life (through the threat of death) when a therapist and his two daughters are haunted by a terrifying supernatural entity that wants to prey on the family. If it’s not enough that they’re mourning the death of their mother, the girls have to navigate grief whilst being haunted from the shadows. It’s mainstream horror with jump scares a’plenty as The Boogeyman finds the darkest places to hide.

Scream VI (2023)

Runtime: 122 mins
Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett
Age rating:
Where to watch:
Paramount Plus (US/Aus), Paramount Plus/Sky/NOW TV (UK)

It’s been 27 years and counting for the iconic Scream franchise as Scream VI continues to instil fear with this spine-chilling entry. The new cast unites again, after 2022’s Scream V, for another self-aware slasher. A year after the Woodsboro killings, they’ve headed to pastures new in New York City, but Ghostface can’t be escaped. When you think it’s over, they keep coming back. First-rate oh-no-they're-behind-you action, suitably horrifying masked murdering rampages, and a shocking killer reveal makes for another Scream scaring masterclass.

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Best horror movies of 2024 to stream on Netflix, Max, Hulu, Shudder and more (2024)
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