Chesterfield Eschool Solutions (2024)

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4. Human Resources | Chesterfield County, VA

  • Our objectives are to: Attract and retain quality employees; Partner with customers to create business solutions that meet their needs, and build relationships ...

  • Human Resources provides programs and services in support of a high-performing workforce and organizational excellence including recruitment, compensation and benefits, and wellness programs.

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  • Vector Solutions is the leader in eLearning & performance management solutions for the public safety, education, and commercial industries. Login here.

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  • ... solutions for the public safety, education, and commercial industries. Welcome to smartfindexpress for chesterfield county public schools. You'll learn how ...

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8. Queen Anne County Public Schools: QACPS Homepage

  • Inquiries may also be addressed in writing to the appropriate office at Queen Anne's County Public Schools, 202 Chesterfield Ave, Centreville, Maryland 21617.

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9. STEM AND THE COMMUNITY - Multi-Disciplinary Sub-Contractor ...

  • CHESTERFIELD – CORNERSTONE BUSINESS. CBE+ is a Cornerstone business ... factory, facilities, engineering, supply chain solutions, CBE+. TUPTON IVANHOE ...

  • STEM and the community At CBE+, we pride ourselves on our strong sense of corporate social responsibility and this is reflected by the initiatives we get involved in. We support ongoing projects in our communities to help improve them and DO MORE. VULCAN TO THE SKY CBE+ has joined forces with The Work-wise Foundation to engage with local […]

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  • Koop bij Delta Chesterfield √ Hoogwaardige kwaliteit √ Tot 10 jaar garantie √ Traditionele Chesterfields of eigentijds

Chesterfield Eschool Solutions (2024)


What are the 6 C's of Chesterfield County Public Schools? ›

Collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, communication, and citizenship are nurtured and developed through Project Based Learning and service learning opportunities.

How to change SmartFind express password? ›

If you forget your password, please use the forgot password link on the login page to send a reset link to the email in your profile.

How do I cancel an absence on SmartFind Express? ›

To cancel the absence, click the Cancel Job button. The system will notify the substitute of the cancelled job by placing a telephone call to the substitute. If the assigned substitute does not need to be notified of the cancellation, uncheck the “Notify the substitute of a cancellation?” option.

What is 6c in school? ›

The original four C's are communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. These create a solid base for interaction and mental exploration that can foster a positive learning environment for any age group. The final two C's add perspective to this process: citizenship/culture and character/compassion.

What is the username of SmartFind Express? ›

Phone access to Smartfind Express will remain as your Access ID (CMS ID#) and Pin. *The District Username on log in page is your CMS ID# (5 digits).

What is my SmartFind access ID? ›

Your "Access ID" is your EIS/File Number, without leading zeroes. If you have not yet created a Password, you must enter your Access ID and PIN, click Submit and follow the on screen instructions to create a Password.

Is there a SmartFind Express app? ›

SmartFind Express is a mobile application designed by PowerSchool Group LLC for substitutes.

What is SmartFind used for? ›

Online Substitute Management You Can Trust

Manage substitutes and see real-time staffing data at the school and district levels. Automate callouts with interactive voice response (IVR) technology. Keep substitutes informed about openings they're qualified for by text, email, mobile app, and automated phone calls.

How does Smart Find work? ›

As a Substitute, you will have the Substitute role assigned to you. You will access SmartFind with your NLESD GMail login information. SmartFind is used to Call Out for jobs where you have the opportunity to accept a job or top-up. You will use this program to accept or cancel a job that you have previously accepted.

How do I find my Smartfind PIN? ›

The “Trouble Signing In” link supports users who want to log into the system, but have forgotten their PIN. When this link is selected, the system displays the PIN Reminder Request page. The user's Access ID and the security code being displayed must be entered on this page.

How do I contact Smartfind Express? ›

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: SMARTFIND Phone Number 910-500-1379. There has been an UPDATE to Smartfind. All users will need to create a PASSWORD for the Website, your PIN will no longer work for the Website. Please click the 'forgot password' link to verify your email and create a PASSWORD.

How do I cancel an assignment on Smartfind? ›

Type Job Number. Click Search. Click the Job Number you wish to cancel. Click Yes.

What are the 6 C's definitions? ›

nhc-admin. Careers. Care, Commitment, Compassion, Competence, Courage, Healthcare.

What are the 6 C's content? ›

The six Cs involved are content, citation, communication, context, communications, conclusion. Content refers to the main idea of the source. It is important to know why it was created. In case of analyzing a document one must look at important phrases, sentences to understand the document.

Which of the following are the 6 C's? ›

So, the 6Cs are care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment.

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