Tru By Hilton: A New Desk-Less "Millennial" Hotel Brand (2024)

When hotel chainscome up with new brands, their direct goal isn’t to sell to consumers, but rather to sell to investors. After all,hotel chains just manage a vast majority of their properties, and don’t actually own them. Instead they get a percent of revenue, so they obviously have an incentive to create as many brands as possible.

It’s much easierto sell an investor on opening up the first property of a particular brand in a city, rather than opening a third Sheraton or fourth Hilton, for example. That also keeps existing properties they manage happier, because obviously they don’t want direct competition. When the Marriott and Starwood merger is complete, the two hotels will have 30 brands. 30. That’s sort of insane.

Tru By Hilton: A New Desk-Less "Millennial" Hotel Brand (1) Tru By Hilton: A New Desk-Less "Millennial" Hotel Brand (2)

Which brings us to Tru by Hilton, which is Hilton’s newly announced 13th brand. Hilton has already signed on 102 hotels to the brand, with 30 more in various stages of approval. That’s pretty impressive for a brand which has just been announced to the public.

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What is Tru by Hilton?

Before Ishare my thoughts, here’s an infographic about the brand:

Tru By Hilton: A New Desk-Less "Millennial" Hotel Brand (4)

Here’s the video about their “brand essence:”

Tru by Hilton is targeting those with a “millennial mindset:”

Hilton Worldwide today unveiled Tru by Hilton, a brand that is simplified, spirited and grounded in value, filling a massive void in the midscale category in the U.S. and Canada. Built from a belief that being cost conscious and having a great stay don’t have to be mutually exclusive, Tru by Hilton offers an experience unlike anything in its space, consistently delivered in a surprisingly affordable way.

The brand will appeal to a broad range of travelers who span generations but think alike; they are united by a millennial mindset – a youthful energy, a zest for life and a desire for human connection. No brand is meeting their needs in their price point today.

Here’s what Tru by Hilton explains as their “innovative features:”

  • The Hive, a first floor experience that’s more than a lobby – 2,770 square-feet of open space with unique ways for guests to engage with others or spend time alone – in one of four distinct zones for lounging, working, eating or playing.
  • The Play Zone, filled with table games, a large-screen TV (featuring DIRECTV), and tiered, stadium-inspired seating.
  • A centrally located Command Center – a re-envisioned front desk – featuring a social media wall with real-time content to foster engagement among guests, and a 24/7 market offering fun snacks and refreshments, single-serve wine and beer*, healthy light meal options and sundries for purchase.
  • A complimentary “Build Your Own” breakfast consisting of a toppings bar with 30 sweet and savory items allowing guests to customize bagels, donuts, Greek yogurt and oatmeal to satisfy their taste buds and cravings.
  • Smart and efficiently designed guest rooms full of the things that matter most – all-white comfortable platform beds, 55″ TVs, eight-foot wide windows, access to power everywhere, and surprisingly spacious bathrooms.
  • A fitness center that defines wellness trends, rather than follows them, with a concept focused on cardio, strength and flexibility.
  • A technology-forward mentality featuring segment-leading complimentary Wi-Fi bandwidth allowing guests to download and stream content on their devices, plentiful power sources, and mobile check-in, room selection and Digital Key available through the Hilton HHonors mobile app.
  • A collaboration with DIRECTV, offering guests more than 150 channels, like they have at home.
  • Rooms and linens cleaned by P&G Professional’s (NYSE: PG) top hospitality brands, including Tide® Professional™, Swiffer® Professional™and Febreze® Professional™ to help enhance the guest experience and drive operational efficiencies.
  • A brand personality that’s full of life with a spirited culture grounded in a thoughtful, reliable and unflappable approach to guest service.

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My thoughts on Tru by Hilton

Hilton claims that Tru is “changing the game with a revolutionary midscale brand.” To me this seems like an Aloft Hotel with complimentary breakfast. As it stands, Hilton doesn’t really have a direct competitor to Aloft, so this seems to be their answer.

I’m not meaning to bash Hilton here, because I actually like the core of what they’re doing. I love the Aloft brand, because it’s modern, reasonably priced, and they do a great job managing expectations. They also do a good job of incorporating the amenities I value most.

And I see much of the same with Tru by Hilton, though they have free breakfast on top of that, which is great.

But what sort of annoys me is the stereotyping and impracticality of the brand. Am I the only one who is put off by the branding? Does everything have to be three letters? Does anyone like mindless phrases littered all over the lobby?

Tru By Hilton: A New Desk-Less "Millennial" Hotel Brand (6)

I guess what borderline offends me about it is what Hilton thinks of us as consumers that makes them think these three letter phrases resonate with us? Does anyone walk into a property like this and say “oh, look at all these three letter words… this is totally my speed.” I don’t know, maybe I’m in the minority, as I’m sure they’ve done a lot of marketresearch.

But here’s my real problem.The onething I hate about Tru by Hilton is that their rooms won’t have desks. Which is ironic, since the infographic depicts someone workingat a desk.I wrote about this last month with Marriott, as they seem to be removing desks from many of their hotel rooms as well.

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I really don’t get it. Seemingly whenever hotels target millennials they remove desks from rooms. What does that say about what the major hotel brands think of millennials?

Bottom line

I think the core of this concept is a good one, as it’s basically an updated version of a Hampton Inn, and a competitor to Aloft Hotels. I do wish they’d tone down the branding a bit in terms of all the quotes and three letter phrases. Less is more.

But my real gripe is that Tru by Hilton rooms won’t have desks. For me that’s a deal killer, and I really don’t get what hotels are thinking with this trend.

What do you make of the Tru by Hilton concept?

Tru By Hilton: A New Desk-Less "Millennial" Hotel Brand (2024)


What makes Tru by Hilton different? ›

Tru by Hilton is simple, spirited and grounded in value, offering all the essentials in a perfect balance of form and function. A stay at Tru delivers superior hospitality through fun, functional pet-friendly rooms, free hot breakfast and activated lobbies built for play that allow guests to truly be themselves.

Why are Tru hotels cheaper? ›

Called Tru, the new chain from Hilton's parent company offers rooms priced at around $100 or less. The rooms are smaller than average, which allows for lower costs, the Wall Street Journal reported. Tru hotels will also offer food and alcohol 24 hours a day, which may help further attract younger visitors.

Who owns Tru hotels? ›

Tru by Hilton is an American chain of hotels owned by Hilton Worldwide.

What is the Hilton brand known for? ›

A leading global, hospitality company

We've built a reputation of innovation, integrity, and excellence with our guests, as well as our owners. Wherever travel takes you, Hilton is ready to welcome you with unrivaled service.

What kind of hotel is Tru? ›

The brand was Hilton's re-entry into the midscale hotel segment with a revolutionary new concept designed to offer business and leisure travelers a simplified and spirited experience while ultimately being grounded in value, filling a massive void in the current midscale category.

Does Tru offer free breakfast? ›

Pancakes for breakfast? You'll want to start at the toppings, but then you might never stop. We recommend stacking those pancakes first at our free, hot breakfast.

What is the difference between Tru by Hilton and Hampton Inn? ›

The big differentiators for this hotel brand are price and design. Room rates at Tru by Hilton are expected to average between $90-$100 nightly, compared to $120 at Hampton Inn, another of Hilton's midscale flags.

What is the difference between Home2 Suites and Tru? ›

With their complementary features and offerings, Tru by Hilton and Home2 Suites by Hilton meet the needs of today's travelers. While Tru by Hilton caters to shorter-term guests, Home2 Suites by Hilton's all-suite accommodations provide an option for those seeking a longer stay, while maintaining their normal routine.

Are hotels cheaper if you stay longer? ›

Most extended stay guests book accommodations for at least one week. This is because the average nightly rate is discounted when guests stay longer.

Who runs tru? ›

Brett Fairbairn, the President and Vice-Chancellor, is the chief executive officer, responsible to the Board of Governors and Senate for the supervision of TRU's administrative and academic work.

Who owns Hilton Hotels? ›

(formerly, Hilton Worldwide and Hilton Hotels Corporation) is an American multinational hospitality company that manages and franchises a broad portfolio of hotels and resorts. Founded by Conrad Hilton in 1919, the corporation is now led by Christopher J. Nassetta. It is a publicly owned company.

Who owns the most hotel brands? ›

Wyndham is reportedly the largest hotel franchisor in the world, with over 9,000 properties and 24 brands in 95 countries.

What is Hilton called now? ›

Kalpana Rashiwala

THE 51-year-old Hilton Singapore, a landmark Orchard Road hotel belonging to Hotel Properties Limited (HPL), will be rebranded as a fairly new brand under IHG Hotels & Resorts. The 423-room voco Orchard Singapore will open its doors in January next year.

Is Marriott owned by Hilton? ›

Hilton Worldwide and Marriott International are two different companies that operate two of the largest hotel portfolios in the world. Hilton hotels are not part of the Marriott Bonvoy loyalty program, either. Hilton has 18 hotel brands covering 6,000 properties in 117 countries.

What makes Hilton hotel special? ›

With energetic spaces, exceptional dining and legendary meetings and events – all delivered with the brand's renowned hospitality – Hilton Hotels & Resorts are THE destination whether traveling for leisure, business or meetings & events.

What is the difference between Tru by Hilton and Home2? ›

Home2 Suites, a pet-friendly, extended-stay hotel, offers free breakfast, in-suite kitchens and other extended-stay perks. Tru by Hilton, meanwhile, offers interactive, semi-private workspaces, game rooms, multimedia areas and a 24/7 market where guests can grab snacks, coffee and other beverages and light bites.

What are the different levels of Hilton? ›

  • Silver Tier Benefits. Earn Silver with. 10 nights, 4 stays or 25,000 Base Points. In addition to your Member perks, you'll get: ...
  • Gold Tier Benefits. Earn Gold with. 40 nights, 20 stays or 75,000 Base Points. ...
  • Diamond Tier Benefits. Earn Diamond with. 60 nights, 30 stays or 120,000 Base Points.

What makes Hilton different from its competitors? ›

Strengths. Strong Brand Portfolio: Hilton has a diverse portfolio of well-recognized hotel brands catering to various market segments, from luxury to economy. This diversification allows the company to target different customer groups and reduces its reliance on a single brand or market segment.

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